1. Moving to Washington D.C. 1930 from Nallen, West Virginia
2. Getting into Music Career 1935
3. Drafted into Army 1942
4. Camp Lee Virginia to Camp Seibert Alabama 1944
5. Traveling in Europe 1945-1946 1
6. Coming Home from Europe 1946
7. Events that Changed Bill's Life
Dot's & Bill's Marriage 7-10-47
Deaths in Dot's Family
8. Musical Career in Richmond and other Related Events
9. My Life with Dorothy V. Phillips Zickafoose
6/16/43-7/10/47 - 5/25/2004


William (Bill) Perry Zickafoose
Personal History

Vital Stats: Born - September 15, 1922 Nallen, West Virginia
Father - Basil Clyde Zickafoose (1894 - 1978)
Mother - Biddie Ethel Hensley Zickafoose
Children - Basil Jr., William, Juanita, Jack and Donald

In the winter of 1928 Bill was diagnosed as having a ruptured appendix by a country doctor named Brown, who was the company doctor for Wilderness Lumber Company, which operated in Nallen, West Virginia from 1916 to 1971. Bill was taken to Charleston, West Virginia (by auto) to Macmillian Hospital to be operated on, sometime in February 1929; was in the hospital approximately two months, thru Easter 1929. One of his nurses was his mother's sister, Nora Hensley, who was a student nurse at the hospital; she was 18 years old.

The year 1929 brought big changes in the life of the whole county - the great depression. Bill's father lost his job as a school teacher (lack of accreditation) and had to get employed elsewhere. He took the civil service examination to be employed by the U.S. Government and passed it. The census was taken in 1930 and Basil got a job in the U.S. Census Bureau as a clerk. The entire family moved to D.C. in the fall of 1930. At that time the family consisted of Basil Jr., Bill, Juanita and Jack plus their mother and father. Donald was born in 1934 in D.C.

This move was probably the best thing that happened in the life of Bill - the opportunity to have a life in a Pluristic Society - better schooling and a stable income by his father. This was really the beginning of Bill's life.

Nallen, West Virginia was a small rural community that was completely dependent upon Wilderness Lumber Company. The town was located between Route 60 on the south and Summersville on the north; in between was the River Gauley. Nallen has a beautiful little river, (Meadow River) that runs through the town - the river was the dividing line between Fayette County and Greenbrier County. Our families (Hensley & Zickafoose) lived on the west side of the Meadow River which was Fayette County. The main social events were always held in the Methodist Church in the Greenbrier County portion - If I had my guess this would be the place my father and mother met and began their lives together. Both of my parents were devout Christians and were very active in church affairs. My mother played the piano and my father was the Sunday School Superintendent. When my family moved to D.C. this continued without interruption. In D.C. it was on 4 ½ St. & L Sts. S.W. at the Gorsuch Methodist Church; in Nallen the church was Bays Methodist Church. Until I was drafted in the Army in 1942, I rarely missed going to church on Sundays.

Chapter 1

Moving to Washington, D.C. From West Virginia

As you may have guessed, life in D.C. was totally different from Nallen, W. VA. As poor as people were in W. VA. there were no ghettos or starving people - people shared what they had with each other - In D.C. it was every man for himself. My father was a very compassionate man, he would share his life and food with people that he knew needed it. He would go to the grocery store and buy food for our family and also food for a family up the street that he knew was starving; you didn't have to do anything but look to know it. My father's biggest contribution to my life was getting our family out of W.VA. He never had much money but he had everything else - Love being the most important.

I've talked about my father because he was the one who made decisions in our family; however, my mother was the equal; just in a different way. It must have been the biggest change in my mother's life to leave W. VA. for D.C.; think about it!!! She was a plain unsophisticated young woman that never lived in among all those people; mostly educated, well-dressed, sophisticated types - did she complain and cry about this drastic change? Not that I know of - she did everything she could to support my father in his efforts to hold the family together, the only reason I can come up with for her not doing otherwise was her love for my Dad. She had a hard life in D.C. for many years; the depression lasted until the middle 1940's.

Our life in D.C. started in a rooming house (3 rooms) located behind the Library of Congress - for probably a month, then we moved to C St. S.E. where we lived for three or four months - then it was to 4 ½ St. S.W. for probably four months. After that we moved to 18 St. So. Arlington, VA. From So. Arlington we moved to #732 Maryland Ave. S.W, where we lived until 1934 (my brother Donald was born in 1934); then we moved to 944 Virginia Ave. S.W., the next move was in 1939 to 431 New Jersey Ave. S.E. At this stage I was going to Central High School, having graduated from Jefferson Junior High (grades 7 thru 9).

Chapter 2

Getting into Music Career

While attending Jefferson Jr. High I met several young guys that were playing and studying music. I was drawn to this interest probably because my mother loved music (playing the piano). I was told by one of my friends that if I really did want to learn an instrument, "Go see Mr. Butterworth, the orchestra teacher". I went to see Mr. Butterworth and decided that the clarinet was what he wanted me to play and that was that - I also liked the size of the small case it came in; I had seen a guy lugging around a tuba case - the clarinet looked just great - they also had some school owned clarinets that they loaned out to students - It helped; because my father wasn't real keen on my being a musician. Mr. Butterworth was probably the nicest guy (teacher) I met while going to school - He also was my band director at Central High - I now understand more about his wanting me to play the clarinet - He was a clarinetist in the Marine Corp Band (a very good clarinetist and saxophonist) things were looking up for me in the music field. So now I looked forward to having the same music teacher for approximately six years. We became great friends. Mr. Butterworth also had experience playing in dance bands and jazz groups. Having played in sections with Artie Shaw and other well know jazz musicians. He had pictures in his studio playing with Paul Whiteman. Mr. Butterworth was an excellent musician; he also played the piano in various dance bands. Mr. Butterworth was probably the best reed instrument instructor in D.C.; something I didn't know until years later.

In 1941 I had been playing saxophone and clarinet professionally for two years - making more money than I ever thought possible - my last year in high school I was playing seven nights a week at a night club (The Log Tavern) south of Alexandria on route #1 - there were two night clubs at this location - side by side - "The Nightengale" and "The Log Tavern". The Nightengale was the largest and employed a thirteen-piece band. (4 Saxes, 3 tpts. 2 bones, bass, drums, piano, singer). The Log Tavern had eight-pieces during the week and 9 pieces on the weekends, no singers. Other bands I played with on occasion were a six-piece band Ernie Acker, The Wally Hughes Band (13 pieces), a seven-piece band, run by Fran Grady (tenor sax) and some others; mostly larger bands. Some names come to mind like Jimmy Gandley, Bill Downer, and Fred Harding. So, you can see, I was a very busy guy.

Individual musicians I recall from that era in D.C. are:

Members of ATC Band - Leader Jack Platt

Saxes Joe Moser Trombones Bill Decker
Bernie Cavalier Dan Gardner
Jimmy Cook - Joined in Nov. '45 Milton Heath
Jimmy Hayes John Kirkpatrick
Kenny Lowther

Tpts. Herb Bass Rhythm Larry Mann - Piano
Robin Gould Bill Bethel - Drums
Jerry Stephen (Also Schmidt)
Lonnie Wilfong - Also Arranger Bob Decker - Bass
Walter Schmidt - Also Drums

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

G Guitar S Saxophone
B Bass D Drums
Tpt Trumpet P Piano
Bone Trombone S. & C. Sax & Clarinet

Route #1 Log Tavern Georgetown - Pirates Den
Ray King
3 Rhythm, 3 Saxes, 2 Brass Tpt. George Byrd - Leader

Mert Oliver B Malcom Lawrence D
Clinton Hobbs S Robbie Schaffer D
Johnny Miller S Keith Young G
Val Scannell S & C Don Cousins S
Dick Bailey P Webster Hurley P
Bee Bee Cohen D Pete Murphy S
Willie Jones Tpt. Vernon Robey B
Jack Rakestraw G

* * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * *
Raffell Brothers Fran Grady S
Bernie Cavalier S
S - Do n & Rod - P Manny Cavalier Tpt.
Don Gardner - Bone Paul Haas S
Joe Potts - Tpt. Ernie Acker P
Nightengale Band Jack Corey S
Saxes - The ones in D.C. only

Angie Tomprose Roger Calloway Pete Murphy
Carmen Campanoli Leo Baum Johnny Miller
Fran Grady Don Raffell Bud Smith
Sam Schribier Nate Breskin Harry Klee
Lloyd Burroughs Clinton Hobbs Lundy Minnigh
Paul Lehman Val Scannell Bernie Cavalier
Dick Vigue Paul Haas Joe Masier
Harry Elkins Bob Holden

Groups Bill Zickafosse Played with 1940-1941-1942

Log Tavern - Alexandria - Rt.#1 Trojans - Knew them only

Dick Bailey Jack White - Pianist
Bee Bee Cohen Carman Campagnoli -S
Mert Oliver Fran Grady - S
Clinton Hobbs Manny Cavalier - Tpt
Val Scannel Julian Showkeir - Tpt
Johnny Miller Burny Aldhizer - Tpt
Willie Jones Sam Shreiber - S
Lloyd Burroughs - S
1st Professional Group Jack Johnson - Tpt
Dick Sullivan - Bass
Git - Russell Young (Git) Paul Lehman - S
Tenor - Angelio Tomprose S Sonny Cast - Drums
Drums - Vince Fabrizzo Nuchie Biello -D
Tpt - Markie Markowite Don Spiker - Bone
Bone - Earl Swope Dick Vigue - S
Pianist - Unknown Roger Calloway - S
Leo Baum - S
Wade Pollard - Tpt
Malcome Lawrence - Drums Don Raffell - Piano
Slats Caldwell - Bone Harry Klee - S
Don Gardner - Bone
Wally Hughes Band Bee Bee Cohen - D
Nate Breskin - S
Pete Murphy Willy Hughes - P
Vernon Robey
Malcome Lawrence
Slats Caldwell
Julian Showkeir
Jack Johnson
Nate Breskin
(Others, I can't remember)
Chapter 3

Drafted into Army

Abbreviations & Symbols

A.F.N. American Forces Network (Radio)
AERO Club Recreation Building Air Force
U.S.O United Service Organization
A.T.C. Air Transport Command
U.K. United Kingdom
K.P. Kitchen Police
A.R.C. American Red Cross Club
C-47 Two Engine Transport Plane
R & R Rest & Relaxation
B.B. C. British Broadcasting Company
Repple Depple Replacement Depot
Choisy Le Roi Depot for Soldiers Returning to U.S.
P.X. Post Exchange

Each day upon awakening I began my Usual Routine, which was bathing, shaving, dressing and eating; this varied somewhat on days that we were traveling to distant points.

9-15-42 - I received my draft notice on my 20th birthday 9-15-42. I was to report for a physical exam and to be classified - I was found to be 1-A which was good enough for any type military duty. After that I was to report for another induction physical at Fort Myer, Virginia. From this I received a letter telling me I was to be inducted on December 19, 1942; to be sent to Camp Lee, Virginia - this was later changed to December 26, '42 - there was a huge back log of inductees at Camp Lee and no place to house them.

12-26-42 - I reported to the post office on "F" Street N.W., D.C. to be transported by bus to Camp Lee on December 26, '42 - the trip took about 2 ½ hours - the uncertainty of what was going to happen to me made me very upset. When I arrived at Camp Lee, there was still a lack of housing - I was put in a tent on a drill field for the next ten days. To keep tract of formations and other events, you were expected to read the bulletin board every day. It seemed the most important thing, as required by the Army, was to get all recruits a hair cut (scalped) this was a way to make them lose their identity as civilians. The message was "You're in the Army now, you do it our way." About two weeks after arriving at Camp Lee my name came up on the bulletin board to report to the classification office - this turned out to be the biggest shock so far; my interviewer was my former Junior High School history teach (He later was principal of the school) (Jefferson Junior High) (the school was located at 6th & D Sts. S.W. D.C.) His name was Hugh Smith. I think he realized how shocked I was to see him. He asked me what I would like to do in the Army - my answer which was probably unrealistic, was "I would like to go into the Air Force; in any capacity." He asked me, "Aren't you a musician?" (He knew I was.) I had played in the school orchestra as a clarinetist and in High School (Central); also he had seen me playing around D.C. in dance bands. My answer was, "Yes, I am a musician." He responded with "What's wrong with going in the band?" I said, "I didn't know they had a band." He sent me to see the director of the band (Sgt. Jack Platt); to my amazement, half of the band I had played with around Washington - they were high school friends and buddies, I had known for years - I immediately became part of the "1303 Reception Center Band." And finally got a bed inside the barracks (with heat). The Reception Center Band was an excellent outfit - the best players from D.C., Maryland, PA. (This area was called the Third Corp. Reception Induction Center). This was my introduction to a new world - the Army.

Our duties were anything to entertain inductees until they were shipped to Basic Training Bases. We played radio broadcasts, stage shows, band drives, retreats, accompanied shipments to the rail head to play music until the trains pulled out - sometimes as early in the morning as 4 a.m. we would be playing for them. We marched down the street to meet the trains when the temperatures were 20 degrees above zero. You never heard a complaint because we knew we were doing something that we wanted to do and not carrying a gun.

07/10/44 - This lasted until July 1944 when the Reception Center was closed and we left Camp Lee, Virginia. Our entire band of over thirty men was sent to Camp Seibert Alabama.

Chapter 4

Camp Lee Virginia to Camp Seibert Alabama

At Camp Seibert we were in for another shock - none of us had had basic training - we were put in a line company, doing everything infantry soldiers needed to do if sent into combat. We went on full field pack marches; 18 miles to a binoac area - spent days on ranges (all kinds), climbed rope obstacles, went through the obstacle courses at night with marching guns firing overhead - (after it had rained all day, we were muddy "Head to Feet") went on a night patrol (with rifles loaded with blanks) (It was fun for a young guy that was used to camp out in West Virginia with his cousins.)

When Basic was completed we were sent to the Special Services Training School (which was a joke). We were professional musicians that were already trained - We learned in the process this was not for training but was a placement center to fill various needs of the Army. In the training center were celebrities from Hollywood. Red Skelton, Micky Rooney, and loads of big name musicians from various name bands; for instance, Spike Jones, Woody Herman, Kay Keyser and others too numerous to mention. The center would send groups out to do concerts in Birmingham, Alabama; play dances in U.S.O. Clubs, Officers & Enlisted Men's Clubs. They sent the band (all 30 plus) on a band drive through the southern states - Alabama, Georgia, South & North Carolina - we would do parades with our Marching Band and concerts with our Big 17 piece Jazz Band (also dances); except for the Marching Band, I was doing pretty much what I did before going in the Army.

12/15/44 - On my way to Europe - This ended in December 1944 when Glen Miller was lost in the English Channel - Colonel Bronson, (Head of Special Services) contacted the Training Center in Alabama to ask if there was any group down there that was capable of filling Glen Miller's shoes. The answer was "Yes, we have an excellent group here already to go, Jack Platt and his Reception Center Band out of Camp Lee, Virginia." Colonel Bronson requested that Jack be sent to the Pentagon for an interview. Another day or two went by before Rudy Vallee (old singer) showed up in a staff car to escort Jack to the Pentagon - evidentially the interview convinced Colonel Bronson because we were almost immediately sent to Camp Luna New Mexico to be placed in the Air Corp.

01/07/45 - This was in January 1945 and it was very cold in New Mexico - We were there for about 15 days - Had another physical, went on a Rifle Range (shot a Burp Gun, Thompson Machine Gun, at a Silhouette Target (which was fun) - (Band was cut down to 22 men at this point).

01/20/45 - Then, with Air Force Basic Completed (a laugh) we're loaded on a Troop Train to Greensboro, N. C. (Overseas Replacement Depot)

01/23/45 - At Greensboro we played in the U.S.O. Club a dozen times (another 20 days) then hit the train again.

02/21/45 - Camp Kilmer, New Jersey. Kilmer was just across the Hudson from New York City and was the last base (Port of Embarkation Base) before being sent to Europe. I went to down town N.Y. to get some reeds and try a new mouthpiece - mission accomplished! By this time I had switched horns with Jimmy Hayes - He played my alto, I played his tenor. I had played some tenor early on but preferred alto - Jimmy was expected to play lead clarinet, which did not work well with playing tenor - so the switch!

While at Kilmer we ran into Red Skelton again, which was a real pleasure. We had become friends with Red by this time.

Chapter 5

Traveling in Europe
1945 - 1946

02/27/45 - Leaving the U.S.A. for Europe

02/28/45 - Another six days, now on the Queen Elizabeth heading for Scotland.

03/06/45 - We got off the "Elizabeth" 6 days later in the Firth of Clyde River, in Scotland, and took a train into Glasgow. We arrived in Glasgow about 4 p.m. and were put into a warehouse with bunk beds, without mattresses - We were given mattress covers and told to fill them with straw that was stacked nearby - They gave us a blanket and that was it - (We were grateful to get anything). We had "C" Rations to eat for the next few days.

03/07/45 - On the 2nd day we hit the train again (about 5 p.m. in Glascow) heading for Harleston, England.

03/08/45 - Arrived in Harleston 11:30 a.m. - stayed in Harleston playing shows, dances & rehearing daily.

03/15/45 - Left Harleston for Bovingdon by train. (An A.T.C. Base)

03/16/45; 03/17/45; 03/18/45 - For several days we went sightseeing. We went to church on Sunday in Bovingdon.

03/21/045 - Went into Watford to see movie Judy Garland in "Meet Me in St. Louis". Played shows & dances every day.

03/25/45 - Left Bovingdon, took (2 ½ hours) flight in C-47 to Newquay an A.T.C. Base, West Coast England, town of St. Mawgan. (Weather was awful - foggy-rainy) Colonel in charge of base put entire band on K.P. duty - Jack Platt wired Colonel Bronson about this. Colonel Bronson ordered band back to London and made entire band Noncommissioned Officers. (Corporals) No more K.P. duty!

03/30/45 - Left Newquay for Falmouth - Navy Base - Beacon Hill - Stayed in Red Cross.

04/04/45 - Got on C-47 Plane to Chester Wales arrived at 1:30 p.m. - Next two days spent rehearsing & playing shows for A.T.C. Personnel at base - Played in hospitals for patients, (83rd General Hospital, in Chester) - also some dances. Had a heavy schedule for next six days.

04/12/45 - Played dances at Red Cross - After a dance (while walking back to billet, I heard that President Roosevelt had died today 4/12/45.

04/13/45 - Today is my darling's birthday! Dot was 24 years old today (I gave her an engagement ring before I left for Europe - Sold my 1936 Chevy to get $350.00 for the ring. (She is one year and five months older than me - The prettiest blonde girl in the world!) Dot was born April 13, 1921, in Hopewell, Virginia; (More about her later.)

04/17/45 - It seems that all we did was play music, sleep and eat. The real pleasure was to get 40 letters (all at once), responding to my letters that they got 30 days earlier. I wrote Dot sometimes twice a day if I was lonesome. This was taking the place of talking to her - I got the answers to my questions a month later. At every field or base we went to we did shows and dances in Red Cross Clubs or Service Clubs. At the air base in Newquay we did a Hangar Concert and played a Retreat Ceremony (with a 22 piece dance band (not our cup of tea) (The Colonel at Newquay was a "Nut" case.)

Took C-47 plane to Preswick Scotland at 4:30 p.m. Play'd in Seaside Pavillion located on cost of Irish Sea (several times) Also in the 316 Station Hospital wards - Preswick was the deportation point for planes going to the U.S. Every morning we heard the planes being warmed up for the trip; all large four engine planes.

04/29/45 - Left Prestwick in C-47 for London (6:30 a.m. - 9 a.m.) (back to Bovingdon) the quarters in Bovingdon were awful, so Jack Platt made arrangements with the Red Cross Cub in London (Mostlyn-Marble Arch) to stay in London and do performances for the Marble Arch ARC but also Picadilly Circus Club as well - We were doing a lot of broadcasting on B.B.C. and American Forces Network, so this worked out good - No more bus trips from Bovingdon to London every day. (About 20 miles one-way.) We played dances every night and shows at the Scmla Theater when available - USO performers joined us most of the time.

04/30/45 - Adoph Hitler committed suicide.

05/07/45 - "V" E Day was proclaimed.

05/08/45 - Played all day at Rainbow Corner (Picadilly) Red Cross Club - Band was on B.B.C. and was recorded on Pathe' News worldwide (CBS in the USA); while playing on the balcony at the Red Cross Club. It was a very exciting day - thousands were celebrating in the London streets.

05/09/45 - Our first trip out of England (UK) - Left London for Bovingdon Air Field; took C-47 to Marseilles France traveled through Paris and Orly Field; 5 hours flying time. Our quarters were in an Air Base on the Meditarean Sea formally used by the Germans; all the buildings had been bombed out and had not been repaired yet.

05/10/45 - Followed same routine - Played a show in Marseilles downtown area at 7:30 p.m.; following an earlier show at 3 p.m.

05/11/45 - Went sightseeing at water front - Every thing there was bombed out - Ships sunk and upside down; a real mess - Later in day played a show in the hospital at 5:30 p.m. - Went back to base after the show.

05/12/45 - Took trip to beach through town of Cassis, France. Very pretty place; this setting was where movie "Intemetto" was filmed - starring Ingrid Bergman. - Our small bands (2) played dances at base.

05/13/45 - Sunday - Played a show at 3:30 p.m. in bombed out hanger. - Wrote letters home (several) had evening off. - I missed going to church. - This base was in Marigane, France.

05/14/45 - Did some sun bathing, played a dance - Went to bed 12 midnight.

05/15/45 - Left Marigane for Istres by C-47 about 15 minutes airtime- Played dance in p.m. - This part of France reminded me of New Mexico; no trees very barren landscape - people reminded me of Mexicans. (The buildings did also).

We played a dance in the Village Town Square (outside) and later a show at the Istres Field. These bases were small and you cannot find them on a map. Some of the towns such as Cassis or Marsilles you can locate on a recent map. These little bases were used to transport troops from remote areas - (most fields were dirt runways)

05/16/045 - Had earlier part of day off; played show at Base Hanger 7:30 p.m. Marseilles.

05/17/45 - Traveled by truck to a near by Negro Base Camp - played approximate 2 hour show and returned to Mariganne base.

05/18/45 - Left Mariganne for London (about 5 hour flight) (our base in Bovingdon)

05/19/45 - Went to London to play for an officer's dance in a downtown hotel. Band stayed in the Marble Arch Red Cross Club.

05/20/45 - Left London for Bovingdon to take C-47 - (7 a.m.) to Paris.

05/21/45 - Flew to Paris arriving at 10:30 a.m. - From Paris we went to Marseille arriving at 3 p.m. continued our trip to arrive in Naples, Italy at 6:15 - Slept in officers quarters at base. Had morning off - Played dance at base 7:30 to 12 mid-night.

05/22/45 - Had morning and early afternoon off - Went to a beach north of Naples 12 noon to 5 p.m. - Played a dance at Naples Air Field 7:30 - 12 Midnight.

05/23/45 - Awoke early - Went sightseeing to Pompei Ruins. Came back to base; dressed, & played dance at Officer's Club 7:30 - 12 Midnight - Slept in convent in Naples overlooking Mediterranean Sea.

05/24/45 - Went to base by truck - Played two shows, one at 2 p.m. - the other at 7:30 p.m. Went back to convent to spend night.

05/25/45 - Awoke at 10:30 a.m.; took truck to 300 General Hospital; Located at hill South of Naples - Played a show in the afternoon on Veranda (outside) - Ate, then left for Casserta, North of Naples, by truck. Got back to convent at 12 midnight (played show at Casserta)

05/26/45 - Went to air base; took truck to Sorrento, to go swimming (could not because water was contaminated) Got back to base at 6 p.m. - Dressed and played dance, got to sleep at 12:45 p.m. at base.

05/27/45 - Went to church at 8:30 a.m. at base. Played show at 2 p.m. at base. Played dance at Officer's Club, which was located in down town Naples three stories above the street.

05/28/45 - Awakened by Catholic Convent Nuns taking my sheets and covers to be laundered (6:30 a.m.) - Went back to sleep until 10 a.m. - Went back to base to eat then went to downtown Naples to get presents for Dot and her mother.

05/29/45 - Went back to base to mail gifts and to eat. Played dance at Officer's Club - Went to convent for night.
05/30/45 - Went to base (air field) to take 3 p.m. flight to Athens, Greece arriving at 7:30 p.m. Another air base "done-in" by the Germans - Slept in bombed out barracks - with mosquito netting over bunk beds - malaria was everywhere.

05/31/45 - Awoke at 10 a.m. went into city of Athens by truck sightseeing trip. Later in day we did a dance in the Officer's Club.

06/01/45 - Friday, Joe Moser woke me up with three boxes and eleven letters from Dot and my family. You can't imagine what its like to get mail from home - Later; after all the excitement several of the guys and I went to the Beach in Athens, (Just below the Palace & the Acropolis). Went back to sleep.

06/02/45 - Went to Athens in a.m. to sell cigarettes. Returned to base early afternoon to shower and dress for dance at the Enlisted Men's Club that night. Returned after dance to base.

06/03/45 - Sunday, awoke around 8 a.m. - Went to church held in the Mess Hall - In the afternoon played dance 2:30 - 4 p.m. for enlisted men - Played dance at Officer's Club 9-12 p.m. - I wrote Dot every day - Sometimes twice a day - If I had time.

06/04/45 - Awoke at 11 a.m. - Took sunbath 1 to 3 p.m., showered and went into Athens to see movie - Returned to base early.

06/05/45 - Went to Athens to set up stage for concert to be held in an out door amphitheatre - For the people of Athens - Returned to base.

06/06/45 - Awakened at 7:30 a.m. for trip on C-47 to Naples - Took trip at 2:30 p.m. to Capri - Arrived in Capri at 5:00 p.m. on Steamer Ship. There was a reception for us at the dock. A local band was playing as we got off the steamer. Band was Awful!

06/07/45 - Our band was housed in a beautiful Villa along with some other American personnel. I went down to look around with Milton Heath and Ted Rollins - (Trombonist & French Horn Players). We bought some souvenirs to send home (which we did). Then went down to the dock to rent a rowboat and guide to take us to the "Blue Grotto". Milton and I went swimming inside the Blue Grotto. Later in the day we played a show.

06/08/45 - Was awakened at 7 a.m. to leave Capri by steamer for Naples - Left Naples in afternoon for Rome by C-47 - Was billeted in the Complex Mussolini had build for the Olympics - which never happened (Mussolini's Forum) -Very beautiful building, mostly marble.

06/09/45 - Got up at 10 a.m. - Went swimming in indoor pool that opened to a patio area on one side and a lounge on the other. We slept in the same building in another area. This building also had dining facilities.

6/10/45 - Went to church service held by British preacher (officer). Service held in small theater in the complex - I began to feel sick - headache etc. - In the evening we played a show in the Replacement Depot - At 12 midnight.

6/11/45 - I was sent to the hospital with high fever. The hospital was 73rd Station Hospital.

6/12/45 - They checked my blood; I had Sand Fly Fever (from some fly that had bitten me while lying on the patio). The doctors put me on sulphur antibiotic - Thank God it wasn't malaria!

6/13/45 - I woke at 7 AM - was able to eat breakfast first food in two days.

6/14/45 - Awoke at 7 AM in hospital - (Bone) Milton, (French Horn) Rollins and (Drums) Walter Schmidt came to visit me - hospital released me at 10:30 AM -Played a show and dance that night. It worried me that the band might leave Rome before I got out of hospital.

6/15/45 - Muasolions Forum was an R & R Station (rest & relaxation) our band was the entertainment provided (there were other groups also).

6/16/45 - Saturday -Today is Dot's and my anniversary - We met June 16, 1943 - Petersburg U.S.O. Club on Wythe Street. At 6:30 AM we left Rome for Paris (Orly Field) stopping in Marseilles on the way (C-47).

6/17/45 - Awoke 9 AM went to church - Later went down town to Paris to play dance at the canteen - Returned to Orly Base late.

6/18/45 - Awoke 11 AM - Ate in mess hall - Hung around Aero Club playing table tennis with Ted Rollins. Played dance later at Aero Club.

6/19/45 - Got up at 11 AM - Went to First General Hospital to play for patients - Went into Paris; returning early to go to movie; theater near Orly Field.

6/20/45 - Went back to First General Hospital to play show - Returned to Orly early to write letters - If you don't write them you don't get mail back.

6/21/45 - Went into Paris to buy perfume for Dot - came back to Orly to mail it - Played a dance in the Mess Hall in evening.

6/22/45 - Went to A.F.N. Studios to make recording of show to be played over air later - Returned to play dance at AERO Club - (Orly Field)

6/23/45 - Had bad headache - Lay around resting most of day. Went to downtown Paris Officers Club to play dance.

6/24/45 - Sunday, up early to go to Paris (no church today) to do the Jack Benny show - Featured Larry Adler & Martha Tilton - Took place in Olympia Theater; Next door to the Follies Bigere show - You could hear the girls doing their thing - screaming & hollering. When the girls finished a number they came running backstage through the Olympia Theater to change clothing for the next act - it was quite a scene (very little clothing on the girls) Jack Benny was one of my favorite comedians; next to Red Skelton, who was my favorite.

6/25/45 - Had day off - Spent most of day practicing on my alto sax & clarinet - Wrote Dot some letters.

6/26/45 - Worked on my instruments today repairing what I could . Wrote more letters.

6/27/45 - Practiced on horns trying, out what I did yesterday - Played dance in AERO Club in evening.

6/28/45 - Went to A.F.N. Studio to rehearse radio show with Mickey Rooney, Bobby Breen & Ingrid Bergman. We did the broadcast at 10 PM.

6/29/45 - Had day off - Spent most of it practicing on our horns - Walter Scmitt on tpt, me on alto sax.

6/30/45 - Got out of bed at 10 AM - Packed bags and left for Marseilles at 2:30 PM - Arrived at 7:30 PM - Played dance in bombed out Hanger; same place we had been earlier.

7/1/45 - Sunday, went to base church theater - Left Marseilles for Paris at 4 PM (Orly Field).

7/2/45 - Went to A.F.N. Studios to rehearse and record show 3:30 PM - Back to Orly at 8 PM. - These shows were to be broadcast while band was on the road - The band got a kick out of hearing us play in Paris when we were miles away playing for another group. I finally figured out why we were skipping around so much.

7/3/45We were needed in Paris to do shows with Mickey Rooney, Marlene Deitric and other U.S.O. performers - Evidently we had the experience they wanted to work with.

7/4/45 - Day off - Sold rations to make some money corporals only get paid $75.00 a month and you never know when that would happen.

7/5/07 - Today is my oldest brother's birthday - He is 25 years old today - I have two younger brothers; Jack and Donald, and a sister Juanita. Later today we did another show with Rooney and Bobby Breen then recorded another show for A.F.N. to broadcast later.

7/6/45 - Up at 4:30 AM - Left Paris for Marseilles at 6:30 AM arrived 9 AM - Took bus to Cannes (on the French Riviera).

7/7/45 - Played in front of the Martinez Hotel, outside on a Veranda. This was where we caught up with Django Reinhardt (the Most famous guitarist in the world) Django was a French gypsy whom the Germans were trying their best to capture. Django joined our band for many concerts and recording sessions; Thereby making our band get recognition as a great jazz band. We slept in Marinez for the remainder of the time in Cannes. Cannes had a very good beach; lots of sand and semi-nude girls - So, we went swimming. Laater in day played a dance at the Marimar Hotel.

7/8/45 - Awoke 11 AM Missed church services; went swimming for an hour or two - Later we did a tea dance (afternoon) on the terrace at the Martinez Hotel - Later we did a 9-12 PM dance at the same location - Django joined the band for many jobs and concerts and also recording.

7/9/45 - Left Cannes for Nice to play show in Albert Hotel.

7/10/45 - Played two show in "Casino" American Red Cross Club Theater. (in Nice)

7/11/45 - Went back to Cannes to play in theater. We were off during the day - (a lot of rain)

7/12/45 - Played another show in ARC Club Casino.

7/13/45 - Left air field at Nice for 2:30 PM flight; using a C-47 air plane - to Palermo Sicily. Played dance for Navy at their base in Palermo - The navy people eat much better than the Army - Fresh eggs, steak, etc. & fruit.

7/14/45 - Played dance in Navy Officers Club - Spent Night in Navy Hotel in Palermo - Not good!

7/15/45 - Missed church - got up too late. Moved out of Navy Hotel - Spent night in a house occupied by two sailors - Much Better!!

7/16/45 - Got up at 6:30 AM packed and left on C-47 for Paris at 9:30 AM - Arrived at Orly at 6:00 PM - continued on to London arriving in Bovingdon at 9:30 PM - Spent night in A.R.C. in London. (Marble Arch)

7/17/45 - Awoke at 10 AM in A.R.C. Mostlyn ARC (Marble Arch) Club. Until today we were all Army Privates, except Jack Platt who was a Sargent - Today we all made Corporals - because of the incident in Newquay - No more KP duty! Got picture from Dot showing engagement ring. Just a little reminder where we stood with each other; Ha!! She didn't have to remind me - I Love her today desperately!!! (After 63 years)

7/18/45 - Awoke late - Ate in A.T. C. Mess Hall in London. We were issued Eisenhower Jackets - Had to sew on Corporal Stripes - Went to Cricklewood to hear English Band at a night club ballroom and skating rink - Sat in with English Band on Alto Sax and was hired to play with them whenever I was in London. This didn't interfere with any other duties.

7/19/45 - Had pictures made in my new jacket - Sent one home to Dot.

7/20/45 - Made recordings in B.B.C. Studio to be played when we were on the road - Played at Cricklewood again.

7/21/45 - Played 3 to 6 PM dance at Cricklewood - Ate in State Theater - Played again 7:30 - 11 PM - Got mail from Dot!!

7/22/45 - Played with English Band at Cricklewood 3-5 PM - Ate in lunch room near dance hall - Played again 7:30 -11 PM (Got up too late for church).

7/23/-45 - Made recordings at B.B.C. Studios, London in afternoon

7/24/45 - Made more recordings - Played Cricklewood at night.

7/25/45 - Made recordings all day B.B.C.

7/26/45 - Made more recordings during day - Played show at the Mostlyn Red Cross Club in evening. (Marble Arch Red Cross)

7/27/45 - Had band meeting - Expecting to leave London but was postponed - Played Cricklewood again on Alto Sax.

7/28/45 - Signed payroll Army Pay) went to Crickelwood this time to play Tenor Sax. (An evening dance)

7/29/45 - Sunday, Played Tea Dance 3-5:30 PM at Cricklewood then a evening job at the same place 7:30-10:30 PM - Went back to Red Cross Club Mostlyn and went to sleep early - Very tired! (No church today)

7/30/45 - Had day off - Went shopping for gifts for Dot - Had lunch at Slone Square London.

7/31/45 - Got Army pay - English pounds of course (6/11/11). Made more recordings at B.B.C. - Went back to Cricklewood for evening dance - Collected 4 pounds for my pay for playing.

8/1/45 - Got up at 11 AM (Mostlyn Arc) to play dance 8-11 PM - Wrote letters to Dot - Got new dress shoes. (Army).

8/2/45 - Got up at 7 AM - Recorded two shows at Serda Theater - Played later a show at A.R.C. Picadilly A.R.C. (Rainbow Corner) - Mailed gift to Dot, along with a letter.

8/3/45 - Got word we were leaving London - Packed clothing; Went to Cricklewood to say goodbye to the guys in the band.

8/4/45 - Awoke at 11:30 - Ate in mess hall in London - Went to Grosyenor House to play dance - Wrote Dot a letter during the dance - Went back to Mostlyn; got to Bed at 1:30 AM.

4/5/45 - Sunday, Got up at 5:30 AM - Went to Bovingdon to leave London for Brussells, Belgium - Missed church again. In the evening we played a dance in a club called G.I. Joes - U.S.O.? Maybe, don't know? Slept in a little hotel next to a canal - Met two girls in U.S.O. group; dancers -Penny & Peggy Cole. They weren't sisters, just stage names; but were nice to know; were very good dancers.

8/6/45 - Got up at 11 AM went downtown to P.X. to get rations - Played another party at G.I. Joe's Cabaret. Sent gift to Dot with a letter - Heard that Atom Bomb was dropped on Japan.

8/7/45 - Part of the band left Brussells for Paris - The others stayed to play a party - We were put up in a hotel (Grand Hotel) in downtown Paris.

8/8/45 - Got up at 12 noon and ate in the Hotel dining room there were other musical groups in the hotel also, so we were able to hear them during the afternoon - There was a band meeting at 1 PM - (No duties today)

8/9/45 - Got word we were going to Frankfurt Germany on the 14th August - Ted Rolling went ahead to arrange housing and other details - Played a matinee dance in hotel - Radio show was cancelled - Heard that a Second Atom Bomb was dropped on Japan.

8/10/45 - Played a show in the Olympia Theater in (Paris) in afternoon - Went to Orly Air Field to play an evening show.

8/11/45 - Went sightseeing - Saw Eiffel Tower and Seine River - Wrote letters and got in Bed Early.

8/12/45 - Sunday, got mail from my darling - With some packages - Went to AFN Studios to rehearse and play radio shows starting at 6:30 AM to 10 AM - Shows to be played on air while band was on the road.

8/13/45 - Did laundry and packed - Got to bed early after answering mail I got yesterday.

8/14/45 - Left Paris for Frankfurt Germany - Left Orly at 8:30 AM - Arrived at Frankfurt 10:30 AM - Got word that Japan had surrendered.
8/15/45 - Had early part of day off - It rained all day - We just rested up and wrote more letters - In the evening we did a show in a small theater in downtown Frankfurt.

8/16/45 - "VJ" Day was today we didn't do any celebrating because we were still a long ways from home with no idea when we were going home - Just another day in Europe!! Played another dance in town.

8/17/45 - Changed our living quarters into Frankfurt away from Air Base (Much better arrangement) Had day off so I went sightseeing - Never saw so much destruction as Frankfurt had - Had to have a bull dozer to get through the streets.

8/18/45 - Got up at 6:30 AM - Thought we were going to Munich - Played a broadcast behind the station outside with Plum Trees on all sides - I ate quite a few until I found out they were full of worms (They were good) Later in day we did two stage shows in a large theater - Downtown Frankfurt.

8/19/45 - Missed church again - Instead of going to Munich we went back to Paris - I had lost my bags with my letters and pictures at Orly Field earlier - Some Frenchman raided the storage area and scattered mail, clothing, pictures, all over the place - I recovered some things but not my mail from Dot.

8/20/45 - Band was split again with some staying in Munich.

8/21/45 - We were united again all 17 of us back in Paris. We went to town in afternoon to rehearse the Bob Hope Show to be held in the Olympia Theater.

8/22/45 - Recorded a show called "No-T-O-For Love" radio on AFN.

8/23/45 - Rehearsed radio show "the Hit Parade" to be played later.

8/24/45 - Recording date was cancelled - Came back to Orly Field to play dance at A.R.C.

8/25/45 -Played softball for a couple hours - Showered, dressed and went into Paris to see movie.

8/26/45 - Sunday, awoke 6 AM, ate, got on C-47 for Marseilles, France - After eating lunch continued on to Rome, Italy.

8/27/45 - In Rome, we ate and slept in the Mussolini Forum Complex - It was built for a future Olympics Event but this never happened because of World War II - The complex had all sporting equipment and etc. - I played some tennis and did some swimming. - I met one of the band members stationed in the complex a fellow soldier by the mane of Roger Deitz - I never asked what instrument he played.

8/28/45 - I went into downtown Rome to make a phone call to Dot. I didn't think of the time difference - The call went through at 4 PM in Rome - I think in Petersburg, Virginia it was like 2 or 3 AM - Nobody complained!

8/29/45 - Got up at 10 AM - Nothing on schedule early in day - Played a dance on Marble Terrace in evening - out doors.

8/30/45 - The Complete Band played a concert early - Later our band did another dance outside.

8/31/45 - Phoned Dot again - Apologized for the timing of the earlier call - It was wonderful to hear her voice. I did some practicing on my Alto Sax. We did a show at the Air Base - South of Rome; and had some watermelon to eat!!!

9/1/45 - Got up at 6 AM - Going to Munich by way of Marseilles France and Paris - Arrived in Munich at 7 PM and did a show at 8 PM at the Air Base.

9/2/45 - Missed church again - Sat around in Airport Terminal - Waiting to go into Munich - We didn't go - We played a dance at the Air Base outside Munich - Both Frankfurt and Munich were not much more than ruble from bombing. Buildings were gutted with roofs and walls falling into the basements.

9/3/45 - Today is my Mother's birthday - I think. Went into Munich to play a concert in an Opera House - Stayed in Munich in a private home used as a billet. (Slept overnight)

9/4/45 - Got up early; went to Air Base at 8 AM - Ate at Air Base - Practiced on my flute an hour, went to base hospital to play a show, afterwards went to see a movie. - Wrote Dot a letter.

9/5/45 - Went to Terminal Building at Air Field 9 AM to eat. Bought a marble desk set and mailed it to Dot - Went to bed early.

9/6/45 - Awoke early, ate and went to Air Field terminal. Left Munich at 11 AM for Paris - Arrived at 3 PM - Got 10 letters from Dot; answered letters and went to bed at Orly Airport.

9/7/45 - Got rations - Went into Paris to sell rations - Sent Dot a money order for $100.00 - Played a dance in evening at French Chateau. Used by officers near Orly Field. Wrote Dot a letter.

9/8/45 - Got up early, went to town (Paris) to sell rations - Money to be exchanged for British Pounds because we were leaving at 6 PM to go to England (Bovingdon Field); About a two hour flight.

9/9/45 - Sunday, awoke 9 AM (No church again) Had to rehearse a radio show B.B.C. - (Played show in afternoon; recorded to be played live later) Wrote some letters.

9/10/45 - My brother Jack's birthday - Got up at 8 AM went to terminal at Bovingdon - Left London (Bovingdon) For Preswick Scotland at 4 PM - Played a dance for Officers in evening - (Very tired)

9/11/045 - Sent a money order to Dot for $100.00 - Wrote letters to Dot's Mother and her. - Played a dance in Seaside Pavilion in Ayre Scotland at night for Enlisted Men.

9/12/45 - Up at 10 AM - Went into town; ate steak dinner (Best meal in a month) - Played another show at the Pavilion in Ayre in the evening.

9/13/45 - Got up at 5 AM - Left Preswick Scotland for Bovlingdon England. Played two shows in the theatre (Afternoon & night)

9/14/45 - Awoke at 10 AM - Went into London at 1 PM - Made two recordings in A.F.N. Studios. Later played dance in ARC Mostlyn Marble Arch.

9/15/45 - Today I am 23 years old - Awoke at 10 AM showered and dressed - Ate in Mostlyn Marble Arch - Went to B.B.C. Studio to record two radio shows - Later went to Cricklewood, Played my Alto Sax and talked to the boys in the band - Wrote Letter to Dot late in A.R.C. London (Mostlyn Arble Arch).

9/16/45 - Awoke at 10 AM - Sunday, showered, dressed and went to church - ate after church in A.R.C. - Took C-47 at 2:30 PM for Paris. Practiced on Alto for one hour - Went to bed in billet at Orley Field - I am exhausted!!!!

9/17/45 - Awoke at 9 AM - Showered and went downtown to have pictures taken at Harcourt Studios - Got mail from Dot (which always helped me).

9/18/45 - Awoke at 11 AM - Went into Paris, exchanged money for $200.00 - Wrote letters answering yesterdays mail - Went to movie in PM close to Orly Field.

9/19/45 - Got up at 11 AM - Bought $100 money order and mailed it to Dot - Got mail, wonderful mail. My thoughts are all about Dot and our future together.

9/20/45 - Went to downtown Paris to get more pictures at Harcourts Studios - Walked along the Seine River sightseeing - Came back to Orly Field, did some reading - I am very depressed - Lots of guys are going home now - No idea when I will be going home.

9/21/45 - Stayed at Orly to straighten out my clothing - Later went into Paris to buy Dot a gift (hat). Did some praying - trying to relieve depression. Wrote some letters answering old letters from Dot.

9/22/045 - Awoke at 11 AM again - Wrote a letter to Dot and mailed the hat with the letter - Went to Harcourts again to look at pictures - Came back to Orly to go to sleep.

9/23/45 - Sunday, got up at 9 AM went to church services at 10 AM - Pretended Dot was with me - Did some praying for both of us. - Went to AFM studios and made some recordings; returned to Orly to play dance at A.R.C. on base - Wrote Dot a letter.

9/24/45 - Up at 11 AM - Put sheets and clothing in laundry - got clean clothing and linens. Went to AFN Studios to record in afternoon. - Ate in mess hall downtown Paris; Played a dance in the mess hall.

9/25/45 - Up at 7 AM - Took C47 to Marseilles ate 11:30 AM - Ate in Marseilles base; Played a show in the evening - (Weather was very cold).

9/26/45 - Up at 11 AM - Had a bad headache - was issued rations, misc. items. Played a dance 8-11 PM

9/27/45 - Left Marseilles for Istres France; by bus. Play a dance in evening - Read some of Frank Harris's book "Life & Loves" (some real raunchy stuff) this book couldn't be published in the U.S.A.

9/28/45 - Up at noon - did usual things; bath etc. - Finished reading Harris's book (waste of time!) - Played a show in Village Square, Istres.

9/29/45 - Today is Dot's mothers birthday - Got up at 7 AM boarded a B-17 Bomber for Copenhagen, Denmark. Flying in a B-17 Bomber was the greatest experience I had in Europe - I had a seat in the very nose of the plane; generally where the bombadier would sit - I could see for miles in all directions. This was a long trip; we landed outside Copenhagen around 4:30 PM - went to the mess hall and had steamship roast beef for dinner - quite a day!!!! This was the only flight on a B-17 and the only flight we all wore parachutes. After dinner we went to Copenhagen to hear a nice small band in a club (Peter Rasmussen Band) - (The base we left from in France was called Maririganne).

9/30/45 - Awoke in school house near base; where we spent the best part of a week - played a show at the air base. (Copenhagen was the cleanest and best base we had been on).

10/1/45 - Awoke 10 AM - Had day off so I went into downtown to sell some cigarettes; and did so. Ate at the Skandia Club - Listened to local band playing there.

10/2/45 - Played dance in Scala Night Club Ball Room - Bought a clock (gift for Dot) - Sold more cigarettes - Ate in the Skandia Hotel dining room. Went back to Scala Club later.

10/3/45 - Awoke at 10:30 AM. Went to downtown area, ate in Scala - Rehearsed all afternoon in studio - Went back to air base to eat then played broadcast later in day.

10/4/45 - Got up at 7:30 for flight to Oslo - Weather was bad so flight was cancelled I went back to bed at 9:30 PM - Stayed in all day. Wrote letters to Dot.

10/5/45 - Got up at 10 AM - dressed, at, and took C-47 to Oslo Norway, arrived at 7 PM - Ate in Air Base. Later in day (PM) we played a dance in head quarters building downtown Oslo - Recently evacuated by the Germans - Some of their belongings were still in the quarters we occupied.

10/6/45 - Got up at 11:45 ate in the Mess Hall in Headquarters Building - Had day off - Walked around town a little

10/7/45 - Sunday, up at 10:30 - No church services here - Set band up in a gazebo on the main street in a park - played two shows; one a 7, and another at 9 PM. Wrote letters to Dot.

10/8/45 - Awoke at 9 AM - Cleaned up, ate, etc. Moved some equipment getting ready for another trip - Stayed in Oslo. - Went to sleep at 11:30 PM (Very cold weather)

10/9/45 - Awoke at 7:30 expecting to go back to Copenhagen - But we didn't leave. Went downtown to exchange money at finance office to Krona (Norway's currency).

10/10/45 - Up at 10:30 - Went to Plaza Hotel to pick up money (krona) - Practiced on my tenor sax - Wrote letter to Dot.

10/11/45 - Up at 11 AM - Still in Oslo Headquarters Building - Later in evening Milt and I went to see movie "Ziegfield Girl" - Went to bed early.

10/12/45 - Up at 11 AM - Got clothing together - Planning to leave but didn't - Went to movie with Milton again - Practiced on tenor again.

10/13/45 - Up at 11 AM - Took bags from Oslo Headquarters Building to base. Took C-47 to Copenhagen leaving at 2:30 PM arriving in Copenhagen at 4:30 PM - Ate at air base (First meal all day) - Stayed overnight at base.

10/14/45 - Sunday, up at 9 AM - Took C-47 to Paris leaving Copenhagen at 12:30 PM arriving in Orly Field at 4:30 PM - Got loads of mail - mostly from Dot - Spent most of the day reading mail and answering each letter. No church services today.

10/15/45 - Awoke 10:30 AM - Spent all day going through mail and answering letters from Dot.

10/16/45 - Awoke 11 AM - Today was a repeat of yesterday - answering mail, etc.

10/17/45 - Awoke at 10:30 - We were to record at AFN today but for some reason - We played a show at the theater near Orly call "ehoisy'Le'Roi" (Finished mail finally).

10/18/45 - Up at 11 AM - Went to AFN Studios to record two shows - Later went to see movie, "Million One nights." Stayed in town all night.

10/19/45 - Up at 9:30 AM - Took my things back to Orly at our barracks home base - (Signed payroll from Army pay) Got three letters from Dot.

10/20/45 - Up at 11:30 - Mailed gift to Dot that I had bought in Copenhagen - went to AERO Club to play table tennis with Ted Rollins - Ate some ice cream and went to bed early.

10/21/45 - Up at 10:30 - Missed church again - Play a dance later in evening.

10/22/45 - Up at 11 AM - Band had rehearsal early afternoon - Ate more ice cream - Mailed German helmet that was left in room at headquarters building in Oslo - (Sent home as souvenir) Went to movie near Orly Field.

10/23/45 - Up at 8:30 AM - Went into downtown Paris - We did some recordings with Mickey Rooney and Bobby Breen - Ate dinner downtown mess hall - Went back to Orly to sleep.

10/24/45 - Up at 9 AM - Went to A.F.N. Studios to do another radio show and came back to Orly to do a show in A.R.C. - Wrote Dot a letter.

10/25/45 - Up at 8:30 AM - Went to AFN to record two shows - American forces "Hit Parade" - Sold some cigarettes - Got some mail from Dot - Play a dance in Enlisted Men's Club (Very tired!)

10/26/45 - Awoke 9 AM - Went into Paris to record with French Guitarist Django Reinhardt in private commercial studio (the recordings were made into 78 RPM records and were sold internationally) - Came back to Orly to write letters to Dot.

10/27/45 - Up at 11 AM - Stripped bed linen and put in to laundry along with some clothing - Later went to Paris to play dance in the St. Augustine Hotel (V.I.P. Officers) was back at Orly about midnight.

10/28/45 - Sunday, awoke 9 AM - Went to church service - Felt that Dot was with me again - Practiced on my clarinet for a couple of hours - Went to bed afterwards.

10/29/45 - Up at 11 AM - No duties today - Exercised a little throwing a football - Mailed some film home for Dot to make prints (develop) - Got mail from Dot - Answered some of it.

10/30/45 - Up at 11 AM - Got laundry back and had my dress uniform cleaned - Answered some mail - Bought rations, misc. stuff, cigarettes to sell.

10/31/45 - Up at 9 AM - Got paid by the Army - Sent money to Dot by money order (Not much) - No duties today - (Resting period!!!)

11/1/45 - Up at 11AM (did my usual routine) - Wrote Dot a letter - No recording today - Had day off.

11/2/45 - Up at 11 AM - Went into Paris made two records - Came back to Orly to play dance in E.M. Club - Went off base to eat in little restaurant called "Freddies" - Freddies served steak which I found out later was horsemeat - I couldn't tell the difference; it was very good!!!

11/3/45 - Up at 11 AM - Did my usual routine- Rehearsed in E.M. Club - Went to Freddies for more steak - Wrote Dot a letter.

11/4/45 - Sunday, got up too late for church - Went to E.M. Club to play - Didn't play - Rehearsed some instead - Went to bed early.

11/5/45 - Awoke 11:30 AM - Did usual routine - went into Paris to record some recordings with Django - Got some mail from Dot.

11/6/45 - Got up 8AM - Did routine - Went into Paris to record again with Django Reinhardt (For the Hot Club France; a jazz organization. Later went to see movie featuring Shirley Temple "Kiss-n-tell").

11/7/45 - Up at 11:30 AM - Usual routine - Went to "Freddies" again for some more horsemeat steak at 4:30 PM - Went back into base to listen to the base band play in the Aero Club - Wrote a letter answering mail from Dot.

11/8/45 - Got up at 11 PM - Went into Paris to sell some rations - No luck - Played dance in "A.R.C. Columbia". - Went to bed early.

11/9/45 - Got up at 11 AM - Did routine - Went into Paris to sell rations for Milton Heath and John Kirkpatrick - Went back to Orly to play dance in AERO Club - Ate at Freddies again - Went to bed early.

11/10/45 - Up at 11:30 - Usual routine- Heard we were going back to Brussels again to play in "GI Joes Club" - Bought rations - Wrote Dot a letter - Went to bed early.

11/11/45 - Sunday, Got up 10AM - Expected to leave for Brussels - Bus didn't show up so we stayed at Orly - Went back to Freddies for steak dinner, ate two steaks - Lost a setting in my ring Dot had given me.

11/12/45 - Awoke 10:30 - Was told we had day off - Played ping-pong with Ted Rollins - Went to Freddies for steak dinner again. Wrote Dot a letter - Went to bed.

11/13/45 - Up at 11 AM - Usual routine - Went to AFN to rehearse show; it was cancelled. - Tried some clarinets at Selmer's Music Store - Arranged to buy some to take to U.S.A. - Went back to Orly.

11/14/45 - Got up at 8 AM - Left for Brussels at 12 noon; arrived at 1 PM; by bus.
(Because of bad weather we didn't want to fly at this time of year.) A very long day!!!

11/15/45 - Awoke at 10:30 AM (Did usual routine) Bought ratios later in day - Did a show in the "Metropole" Café - Answered some mail from Dot - Went to bed early.

11/16/45 - Awoke early 7 AM - Bill Decker and I mailed the mail for all the band that wrote home - Practiced on my alto sax some. Played another show in the Metropole Café - Went to G. I. Joes Club for a short visit - Went back to the hotel we used for sleeping only - Wrote Dot a letter.

11/17/45 - Today is Dot's Father's Birthday - I believe he is 64 today - I did my usual routine - Played again at the Metropole - Went to sleep early - The USO Troup with Penney and Peggy Cole - (dancers) joined us at the hotel.

11/18/45 - Sunday, up at 11 AM - Went to Metropole (to eat breakfast) - No church today - In the afternoon I went to the movies with Penny Cole - Played in Metropole Café again - In bed late.

11/19/45 - Up at 8 AM - Usual routine - Ate in Metropole. - Had a recording session (Commercial Records) for Decca - Played a dance at G. I. Joes Club - Late getting to bed.

11/20/45 - Up at 11 AM - Recorded two sides of record for Decca Records - No other duties today - Wrote Dot a letter.

11/21/45 - Up at 10 AM - Left for Leharve Port at 12 noon - Arrived in Leharve at 2 AM - No place to sleep - Leharve was a tent city full of soldiers returning to the U.S.A. - We continued on to Paris (Orly Field) arriving at Orly at 1 PM.

11/22/45 - Thursday, the trip from Brussels to Leharve to Paris was a 25 hour ride on an old rickety bus - We were completely worn out - Today is Thanksgiving day in the U.S.A. and we had not eaten since breakfast on the 21st - The Mess Hall had to be opened for us to have a Thanksgiving Day meal - After eating I took a shower and went to bed.

11/23/45 - Awoke at 11:30 AM; ate, showered and went back to bed - Later in day we got rations - Wrote some letters.

11/24/45 - Awoke 10 AM - Usual routine - Went to Paris to record more records - Awoke with sore throat - went to dispensary for treatment - Rested most of afternoon.

11/25/45 - Sunday, awoke at 8 AM - Throat very sore plus a headache -Skipped church - Ate some and went to movies off base - Weather is extremely cold.

11/26/45 - Up at 11:30 - Throat still sore - Ate a little breakfast - Went into Paris to do more records - Session was cancelled - thank goodness!!!! - Got a hair cut - Played two shows at Choisy (theater off base).

11/27/45 - Up at 11:30 AM - Went to Selmers to buy some clarinets - Wrote Dot and went to bed early.

11/28/45 - Up at 11:30 AM - Ate and went back to bed; throat is a little better today - Went to downtown Paris at 3 PM - Sold rations to pay for clarinets - Went back to Orly to play show in Repple Depple.

11/29/45 - Did usual routine - Awoke 11:30 - Went into Paris at 3 PM - Sold rations, returned to Orly Field to play dance at E.M. Club.

11/30/45 - Got Army pay today - Went to Paris to record two radio shows at A.F.N. Studios - Played show at 283 General Hospital - Wrote some letters and went to sleep early.

12/1/45 - Woke up 11:00 AM - Went to American Embassy to eat and play a dance and a show - Got to bed around 2 AM.

12/2/45 - Sunday, awoke at 9 AM - Went to church services on base - Went to Freddies to eat some more horse meat - Returned to write some letters home.

12/3/45 - Awoke at 12;;30 pm - went to downtown Paris - Sold some rations - Tried some clarinets at Selmers - Did not buy anything - Returned to Orly - Got no mail!!!

12/4/45 - Awoke at 9 AM - Tried to exchange some clothing and couldn't get right sizes - Slept some in afternoon - Wrote some letters - Played a dance in E.M. Club at night.

12/5/45 - Got up at 12 noon - Went into Paris to see movie "Paris Underground" - Rotten Movie - Dance scheduled for tonight was called off.

12/6/45 - Awoke at 12 noon - Finally got some mail - Spent most of day answering Dot's mail - In the evening we played a show in the Headquarter Building - Went to American Legion and saw a midnight show.

12/7/45 - Awoke at 12:30 noon - Talked to post office about clock that was damaged in the mail (it was insured) - Saw about putting money into war bonds - The whole band is upset about not going home - When?

12/8/45 - Awoke 12 noon - Sat around Red Cross Club, Freezing !!! - Played a radio show call "To U.S. SNAFN" - Wrote Dot and went to sleep.

12/9/45 - Sunday, awoke at 9:45 AM - Missed church - Very depressed at not doing anything but radio shows and Red Cross dances - Sat around barracks - Wrote some letters - Went to Aero Club to listen to some recordings.

12/10/45 - Awoke 11:30 AM - Went to Paris to record two radio shows - Very depressed - Went to AERO Club later.

12/11/45 - Awoke 12 PM - Went to AFN Studios to record more shows - Finally got some mail from Dot!! - Played a dance at A.R.C. Club off base in Paris - Spent time later going over mail - What a difference getting mail does to you!!!

12/12/45 - Awoke 11:30 - Bought rations - Sent gift package to Dot - Played dance in A.R.C. Club in downtown Paris - Came back to Orly by bus - Wrote some letters home.

12/13/45 - Awoke 11 AM - Jimmy Hayes and I went to Selmers to buy clarinets (they were not ready yet) - Played later in E.M. Club - Took shower, went to sleep.

12/14/45 - Awoke 9 AM - Went into Paris to get pictures I made earlier at Harcourts Studio - Had band rehearsal in afternoon - Sold some rations to get money for the clarinets that I ordered - Went to sleep early.

12/15/45 - Awoke 12 noon - Had some ice cream in Aero Club - Played some ping -pong with Junior Rollins - Stayed at base barracks, reading and writing letters.

12/16/45 - Awoke 11 AM - Went into Paris to play a concert at "Salle Playel" Theater with Django Reinhardt - Returned to Orly to eat horse meat at Freddies.

12/17/45 - Awoke at 12 noon - Went to Paris to get clarinets - Still not ready - Returned to Orly disgusted with Selmers.

12/18/45 - Awoke at 12 noon - Went into Paris - Sold rations (I now have tons of French Francs, several thousand) - Made some recordings at A.F.N. Studios - Ate in downtown Paris - Went to a Red Skelton movie - Heard we were going on tour again - I was relieved we were leaving Paris.

12/19/45 - Awoke at non - Went into Paris to sell rations - Had another recording session A.F.N. - Returned to Orly to eat and prepare for a tour.

12/20/45 - Awoke 11:30 AM - Went into Paris to train station call "Le Gare" - Boarded train in afternoon - Spent nigh traveling to arrive at rest center in Milhouse, France.

12/21/45 - 1:30 PM on the 21st December - We played a show at 5:30 PM - Changed our money to Swiss Frances - Got sleeping blanket and went to bed.

12/22/45 - Awoke 6 AM - Got onto train for Geneva, Swiss - Had trains changed twice during journey - Never did see the Rhine River but did know we had crossed it before arriving in Basel, Swiss.

12/23/45 - Sunday, awoke 11 AM - Missed church - Went into Geneva to sight see and buy Dot a watch - Also bought a 1946 diary - The hotel looked out on Lake Geneva and had a great view of Mount Blanc with its snow cover peak - I believe the hotel was called "The Richmond" - Geneva was small but very clean and pretty, situated on the east bank of Lake Geneva.

12/24/45 - Awoke 10 AM - Ate in hotel dining room at 12 noon - Band rehearsed until 3 PM - Went into Geneva again - Saw a Selmer Alto (Selmer Super Sax) in a little music shop call "Casper Wickie" - I told him I would be back later to buy the sax; if I had enough money after I bought Dot a watch - After dinner we had another rehearsal.

12/25/45 - Christmas - Played a dance for the American Embassy and other G.I.'s visiting Switzerland 4 PM to 6 PM - Held in hotel dining room - Wrote Dot and went to bed.

12/26/45 - Awoke at 9 AM - Bought Dot an Omega watch and also got the Selmer Alto Sax - Which I picked up; along with Dot's watch.

12/27/45 - Awoke 9 AM - Went into town to pick up Alto Sax and Dot's watch - Had a rehearsal in the afternoon - Later in evening we played a concert in a huge Opera House in downtown Geneva - It was a charity event for the orphans of Switzerland - Several thousand people showed up - After the concert Jimmy Cook and I went to a night club to hear a local band - Jimmy danced with a Swiss girl and I listened (Remember? I didn't know how to dance) - It was an excellent group that was playing - One of them wanted to buy my Bueseher Alto Sax - I told him I would think about it because I had just bought the Selmer Alto.

12/28/45 - Awoke at 11:15 AM - Ate in the hotel - Later took train for Bern at 2 PM - Arriving at 5 PM - Stayed in Hotel Jara - ate in hotel.

12/29/45 - Awoke at 12 noon - Rained all day - Went downtown to buy gifts for Dot - Bought "Fold-Up" umbrella - In the evening we played a concert in a beer hall - The hall had the worst acoustics I had ever played in - It was not enjoyable.

12/30/45 - Sunday, awoke early to take train to Zermatt Resort - arrived around 4 PM - We stayed in a nice hotel in downtown Zermatt - Later in the day Jimmy Cook, Milton Heath, Ted Rollings and I went skiing on a beginners slope in the rear of the hotel -The slope was lit up with flood lights at night.

12/31/045 - Awoke at 9 AM - Ate in hotel and went skiing until 11:30 AM - Five of our band played a New Years Eve party in the hotel dining room - I wrote dot a letter and went to bed.

1/1/46 - Tuesday awoke at 9:30 - Ate and went skiing until noon - Most of the band went ice-skating - Practiced on my newly acquired Alto Sax - Went ice-skating later.

1/2//46 - Awoke at 7 AM - Left Zermatt to go to Basel by train - We were to transfer to another train in Bern but missed connection - Arrived in Basel at 7:30 PM - Stayed in the Three Kings Hotel - Slept and ate meals - Played a dance later in evening in the hotel dining room - Went to bed at 3 AM.

1/3/46 - Awoke at 12:30 PM - Sold my Buescher Alto to a sax player I met in Geneva (359 francs) - Played another dance in the hotel dining room later in evening.

1/4/46 - Awoke at 7:00 AM - Got on train for Mulhouse France to play show at 2:30 PM - Left Mulhouse at 6:00 PM to go to Paris arriving on 1/5/46 at 6:30 AM.

1/5/46 - Reported to headquarters and was told I was going to Le-Harve (Port of Embarkation) soon - Got army pay and lots of mail from Dot and Christmas packages.

1/6/46 - Sunday, awoke 6:00 AM - Went to Chatean Station near Orly Field - Left for Le Harve at 8:30 AM - arrived in Le Harve at 2 PM by bus - Stayed over night in Le Harve; (Jimmy cook and me) - Unnecessary trip.

1/7/46 - Awoke at 10 AM - Ate lunch in A.R.C. - Played some ping-pong and wrote Dot a letter - Later made arrangements to return to Paris (In Stars & Stripes Carrier Papers).

1/8/46 - Awoke at 6 AM - Left for Paris at 8:30 AM - Arrived in Paris at 2 PM - Got some mail from Dot and wrote some letters - Played a dance in ARC at Orly in evening.

1/9/46 - Awoke 10 AM - Went to Paris to check on clarinets - Not ready yet - Ate lunch; went back to Orly Field at 9 PM - Wrote letters to Dot - Went to bed.

1/10/46 - Awoke at 9 AM - Got medical shots at 10 AM - Went to Paris at 1 PM - Finally got clarinets that had been ordered a month from Selmer Factory; 19,750 French Francs - Put dress jacket into cleaners - Wrote a short letter to Dot.

1/11/46 - Awoke at 11 AM - Mailed clarinets to Dot with letter - Played show called "Beancoup Music;" Radio Show - Sold more rations - Went to Le Harve with Jimmy Cook to see his U.S.O. girl friend off for the U.S. - Didn't get any sleep - No beds for us; we slept on couches in the A.R.C.

1/12/46 - Left Le Harve at 8:30 AM - Arrived at Orly Field at 3:30 PM - Took shower and went to bed.

1/13/46 - Sunday, awoke at 9 AM - So tired I went back to bed unit 12:30 PM - Played a dance in the P.X. later - Went to bed early.

1/14/46 - Awoke at 12:30 AM - Got mail from Dot - Spent day answering mail - No jobs today.

1/15/46 - Awoke at 12:30 PM - Went to Paris with Jimmy Cook - Got hair cut - Ate in Paris - Went back to Orly to play dance in E.M. Club - Wrote Dot - Went to bed.

1/16/46 - Awoke at 11:30 AM - Wrote a long letter to Dot - Practiced on clarinet with Jimmy Cook all afternoon - Sat around in A.R.C. rest of day - Tired.

1/17/46- Thursday, Awoke at 11 AM - Took clothing to laundry - Went to Paris to sell rations (2,000 franes) - Took Alto Sax I had bout in Geneva to Selmers to be repaired - Saw movie "Susan's Affairs" - Dot's mail included pictures of her made last Christmas - She's so beautiful.

1/18/46 - Awoke at 9 AM - We spent AM cleaning up our quarters for inspection - Went to AERO Club to write letters - Finished reading book "Then There Were None" - I worry about Dot constantly; will she wait for me to come home to her? I love her so much!!

1/19/46 - Awoke at 11 AM - Went into Paris to Selmers Music Store - Got my Alto Sax back - Got room with Jimmy cook to make phone call to Dot - Jimmy and I went to see movie "Anchors Aweigh" - He was trying to hook up with Mickey Rooney (was disappointed) - I went back to Orly and ate hamburgers with Junior Rollings - Went to bed early.

1/20/46 - Sunday, awoke at 9 AM - Went to church in Paris - Tried to place phone call and couldn't get through - Ate lunch at the Special Services Mess (downtown Paris) - Jim Cook and I went to another movie (He was still looking for Rooney at the theater) - Returned to Orly to sleep.

1/21/46 - Awoke 10 AM - Went to Radio Studio to record show "Beancoup Music" - Jimmy got his phone call through (I didn't) - I stayed in Paris hoping my call would come through -(did not).

1/22/46 - Awoke at 11 AM - Got rations (to sell) - Got hair cut - Call to Dot finally came through - She seemed very cold - Later I found out why - The call was put through at 4 AM her time, Ha! - No matter, it was wonderful to hear her voice - Went back to Orly to play dance - Phone bill was 2,400 Francs - Slept at Orly.

1/23/46 - Awoke at 11 AM - Went back to hotel to pay my bill - Went to Selmers to get Alto repaired - Spent part of day practicing on the Alto, checking it out - Wrote letters to Dot.

1/24/46 - Awoke at 12:30 PM - Today is my sister's birthday!! - Spent day in AERO Club playing ping-pong with Junior Rollins and writing letters - Very depressed! - I think of Dot all the time - It seems I will never get to see her again - Did some practicing on my Sax and Clarinet - Stayed at Orly.

1/25/46 - Awoke at 11 AM - Visited AERO Club - Went to Paris to Harcourts Studio to get pictures taken - Sold rations and sent $100 money order home to Dot.

1/26/46 - Awoke at 12:00 Noon - Played ping-pong at AERO Club in the afternoon - In the evening we played a party at the Stars & Stripes Hotel in Paris - Got back to Orly at 5 AM to sleep.

1/27/46 - Sunday, awoke at 12 Noon - Didn't make it to church! - Went to AERO Club - Saw movie "Spanish Male" - Later wrote Dot letters - Went to bed early.

1/28/46 - Awoke at 11:30 AM - Went to Radio Studio to record last show of "Beancoup Music" (final broadcast) - Went to Harcourts to look at photo proofs - Had more pictures taken - Practiced on Alto a little and went to bed.

1/29/46 - Awoke at 12 Noon - Went to AERO Club - Played ping-pong all afternoon - At night we did a dance for the club - Very depressed!

1/30/46 - Awoke at 6 AM - Very depressed - No word on when I will get home - Lonnie and I are working on a song for Dot; almost finished now - Went to bed early.

1/31/46 - Awoke at 12 Noon - Went into Paris to get paid by the Army - Bought and sold rations - I now have 25,000 French Francs - Wrote Dot a long letter - Went to bed very depressed.

2/1/46 - Awoke at Noon - Went to Paris to Harcourt's Studios - Spent all day taking pictures - In the evening we played a dance for the VIP's at the George II Hotel - March of Dime Event - Went back to Orly to sleep.

2/2/46 - Awoke at 12 Noon - Wrapped some gifts to mail home - Got 6 letters and a package from Dot and her mother - Things are a lot better when the mail comes through - Did some more practicing on the clarinet and went to bed.

2/3/46 - Sunday, awoke 9 AM with headache - Went back to sleep - Awoke again at 12 Noon - Ate lunch later in the day - I played with a small group in the Officer's Club - We were paid 1200 Francs - Later I answered letters I got from Dot - Headache persists.

2/4/46 - Awoke at 12 Noon - Went to Paris - I picked up Alto at Selmer's that I had order earlier - 12,000 Francs - I ordered a clarinet from Selmer's - Got 3 letters from Dot - I answered her letters.

2/5/46 - Awoke 11 AM - Went into Paris - Got mail from Dot - Sold some rations - Picked up pictures at Harcourt's - Came back to Orly to play a dance in Red Cross Club - Still have headache!

2/6/46 - Awoke 12 Noon - Went into Paris to get money order to send home to Dot - Got pictures from Lonnie Wilforg - Wrote Dot a letter and mailed money order.

2/7/46 - Awoke 7:30 AM - Went to dispensary to check out my headache - Couldn't find anything wrong with me - Went into Paris to sell more rations - Practiced on clarinet with Jimmy Cook for two hours - Went back to sleep.

2/8/46 - Awoke 11:30 AM - Went into Paris to check LeBlane Clarinet (ordered a bass clarinet) - Went back to Orly to eat and sleep.

2/9/46 - Awoke at 12 Noon - Went into Paris to get clarinets - Not ready to pick up - Picked up pictures at Harcourt's - Ate at the Collisee Club in Paris - Went to movie then back to Orly - Very depressed and sick!

2/10/46 - Sunday, awoke at 12:30 PM - Went to AREO Club to play ping-pong with Junior Rollins - Did nothing all day - Wrote Dot a few letters - Went to bed early.

2/11/46 - Awoke 11 AM - Went into Paris to Le Blanc Music Store - Picked up Bass Clarinet - Very good buy! - Went back to Orly to sleep.

2/12/46 - Awoke at 12 Noon - Went into Paris to sell rations - Went to Harcourt's to order more pictures - I still have headache! - Wrote Dot and went to bed.

2/13/46 - Awoke at Noon - I can't understand why we are just hanging around Orly Field and Paris with no duties to perform - I went to a War Bond Raffle - didn't win! - Practiced on my new clarinet until my throat got real sore.

2/14/46 - Awoke at Noon with a throat that was very sore - Today is Valentines Day; so I'm writing a long love letter to Dot - Also, to her mother and my mother and dad - Most of the band has gone home - Now leaving us with not enough players to do a Big Band job - We can still do combo jobs - I am very depressed!! - I want to get on with my life.
2/15/46 - Awoke at Noon - Jerry Stephen wanted me to sell some English Pounds for him - Went to Paris to do it - Haven't had mail for a while now - I just keep writing and hoping.

2/16/46 - Saturday, awoke at 12 Noon - Went into Paris to sell rations - saw Charlie at Selmer's about the clarinets I have ordered - Not ready yet - Wrote a couple short letters and went to bed - Headache and throat a little better today.

2/17/46 - Sunday, awoke 9 AM - went to church service - Lonnie took some pictures - Practiced on the clarinet all day - Wrote Dot a letter - Went to sleep.

2/18/46 - Awoke at 11 AM - Went into Paris to Harcourt's to order more pictures - Sold more rations - No mail lately - Still at Orly Field - Mailed clarinet home.

2/19/46 - Awoke 8:30 AM to go to Le Harve - Trip was cancelled - There was no place for us to stay - I went into Paris with Milton Health to buy some (2) Buffet Clarinets - I bought two - They were bad horns.

2/20/46 - Awoke 7:30 AM - Went into Paris (Meeting was cancelled) - I am felling sick (Headache) - Sold some rations - Went to Harcourts to see about pictures - Got 10 letters from Dot - Went to a movie - Spent evening answering mail.

2/21/46 - Awoke at 10 AM - Ate in ARC and played a little ping-pong - Wrote Dot a long love letter - Still have headache - Got word I was finally on orders to go home.

2/22/46 - Awoke at 11 AM - Went to Paris - Sold rations and got some pictures from Harcourts - Practiced on clarinet - Later went to eat horse meat steaks again - No mail today!

2/23/46 - Awoke at Noon - Went to ARC to play ping-pong - I feel like my life is being wasted - Just waiting to go home - Got mail from Dot; thank God!!

2/24/46 - Sunday, awoke 9 AM - Went to Communion Service - Played a little ping-pong - Wrote some letters and practiced on my new clarinet - Went to sleep.

Chapter 6

Coming Home from Europe

2/25/46 - Awoke 11 AM - Went to Paris to talk to Selmer - Got my orders to report to Choisy Le Rai (Prior to embarkation) - With my orders to go home - Went back to Orly to eat.

2/26/46 - Awoke at 11:30 AM - Went into Paris - Sold more rations - Went back to Orly to eat and sleep.

2/27/46 - Awoke at 2:30 PM - Went to Selmers then to buffet - Ate in Mess #1 downtown Paris - Picked up pictures at Harcourts Studio - Went to movie - Milton did not buy a clarinet.

2/28/46 - Awoke 8 AM - Called Choisey Le Roi - No processing has been done to go to U.S.A. - Went to Paris to sell some rations - Came back to Orly Field to write some letters - Got some mail from Dot - Answered mail.

3/1/46 - Today is my brother Donald's birthday - He is twelve years old today - I awoke at 12 Noon to find a foot of snow on the ground - Went into Paris and bought a full "Boehm System" Buffet Clarinet - Came back to Orly to play ping-pong and practice on new clarinet - Wrote to Dot again - I'll probably be home before she gets my letter!!

3/2/46 - Awoke at 8 AM - Went to Choisy to try to get my processing done faster - I want to go home!! - Went back to Orly and went to sleep - Lots of snow on ground - Sleep an hour then went to ARC to play ping pong - Just biding my time now.

3/3/46 - Sunday, awoke at noon - Wrapped my Harcourt pictures to keep them from damaging during trip home - Practiced on my clarinet and Alto Sax - I can't wait to see Dot again!!!!

3/4/46 - Awoke at 7 AM - Called Cloisey Le Roi again to check processing - They want me to get a clothing check - Will do so tomorrow - Went back to bed - Weather is awful - snow!!

3/5/46 - Awoke at 7 AM - Went to Choisy for clothing check at 9 AM - Went into Paris to see if Selmer had an Alto Sax I ordered - No luck - Sold more rations -Practiced on clarinets.

3/6/46 - Wednesday, awoke at Noon - Went to Paris to Selmers - Got my Alto Sax - No mail today - Spent time packing my horns and clothing I was left with - Had to decide what articles I wanted to keep for my return to civilian life - I chose the Field Jacket and my Eisenhower Jacket - Turned in my overcoat.

3/7/46 - Awoke 9 AM - Did some more packing then went to post office to mail my Harcourt pictures and alto sax I got from Selmers on Wednesday - Went back to Choisy Le Roe to get bedding - Moving out of Orly Field quarters tomorrow - Went back to Orly to eat only.

3/8/46 - Awoke 8:45 am - We did not have roll call but had to go to a lecture (Procedure for Embarkment) at Choisy - Went back to Orly at 1 PM to eat and pick up movie I wanted to take home with me - Slept at Choisy.

3/9/46 - Awoke at 8:45 AM - Had my clothing checked again - Went to Orly to eat and play ping- pong - Slept at Choisy again.

3/10/46 - Sunday, awoke at 5:30 AM - Left Choisy for Le Harve at 8:30 AM - Arrived in Le Harve at 4:30 PM - Le Harve was a tent city - Filled up with U.S. Soldiers going home - Had to turn in money that exceeded the amount that was given by the Army - Any arms (pistols, etc.) were confiscated - Went through another physical exam - Made my bed (cot) and went to sleep.

3/11/46 - Awoke 10 AM - Had another clothing check - Signed baggage - Went through another inspection and a customs inspection.

3/12/46 - Awoke at 6 AM - Got another lecture - Did some final packing - Turned in my French Francs for American dollars - Went to sleep.

3/13/46 - Awoke 3:30 AM - Stripped bedding and cleaned for inspection - Boarded General Muir (Troop Transport) at 8:30 AM - The Muir left De Harve dock at 5 PM- Finally on way home!!!!!

3/14/46 - Thursday, awoke at 6 AM - Immediately got sick - The General Muir was a small ship - Probably could transport 400 soldiers - The Atlantic Ocean in March is very rough - I couldn't hold down food, so I didn't eat for the next five days - Went on sick call for a sore throat and was put on antibiotics for a couple of days - When I was released from the ship hospital we went on deck to play music for the others on the ship.

3/23/46 - Saturday, I got up early this morning because I wanted to see the Statue of Liberty - I missed it going to Europe because we left late at night - The General Muir wa anchored off the New York Harbor (about 3 miles) until Saturday morning - When I heard the engines start up at about 8 AM I went on deck - The tug boats were guiding us into the harbor - Other tug boats were blowing whistles and spraying water in the air welcoming us home - That's the extent of our celebration back to the U.S.A. - It took ten days on the ocean trip from Le Harve to New York Harbor and another day to unload on the dock - The Red Cross greeted us on the dock with coffee and doughnuts - Going to Europe on the Queen Elizabeth took six days.

3/24/46 - Sunday, after docking in N.Y. we got on a ferry to cross the Hudson River to catch a train to Camp Kilmer - We left Kilmer at 2:30 PM arriving at Fort Meade Maryland at 6:30 PM.

3/25/46 - I called Dot to give her my schedule for the next few days.

3/26/46 - My brother Junior, sister, Nete, Don Holbien and my brother Jack came to get me.

3/27, 3/28/46 - The next few days we went through physicals, another clothing check and lectures.

3/29/46 - Friday, I was discharged from the Army today - Left immediately for Washington to visit my mother and father.

3/30/46 - Visited with my family in D.C.

3/31/46 - Dot stayed with me at my parent's home.

4/1/46 - Left D.C. to go home to Dot's home in Petersburg, Virginia - This was the beginning of my life with Dorothy Phillips.

My diary notes ended on 4/1/46; however, Dot kept a diary for several years - this was not known to me until after her death 5/25/2004. I signed up for Army Reserve for three years. I was called up during the Korean War but was never put on active duty.