A Tribute to Bill
By Mable Lee Winn
November 27, 2009
By Mable Lee Winn
November 27, 2009
We are gathered together to celebrate,
a man of all seasons,
Countless ways of why we love him,
for there are many reasons.

Brother, father, husband,
uncle and son,
If you ask about his faults
to me he had none.

Saxophone player, his music
was his life,
Now he will perform in Heaven,
before angels and Jesus Christ.

A family man who adored and
loved his wife,
he gave his sons the world,
and never thought twice.

He never met a stranger,
He wore his heart on his sleeve,
Such a wonderful humanitarian,
always doing a good deed.

When I last visited him,
we prayed the Lord's Prayer,
the glory of God was upon us,
his presence was everywhere.

At peace with the world you were,
your soul was all right,
waiting patiently to journey home,
on your heavenly flight.

Reunited with your wife Dot,
your work on earth is done,
where God will give you peace,
thou Kingdom come.

I could go on forever,
and never ever stop,
about the good man you were,
with a very big heart

Thank you so much Bill,
for giving life your best,
may you sleep in heavenly peace,
for your well deserved rest.

Rest well my father, my friend,
in your mansion in the sky,
so long for now Bill,
but never good-bye.